“A method for applying rhythms and techniques to

            Drumset, Hand Percussion and Mallet Instruments”

                               by Rob Lewis

                         Mel Bay Publications, inc. 2003


·       Contains 2 CD’s showcasing 7 percussion instruments

     playing musical examples.

·       Also includes 9 extra-length loops for playing and practicing

     along with the author.


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As I progress through my musical career, I’ve found that many techniques learned on one  

instrument were applicable to other instruments.  As I was earnestly trying to learn many

different percussion instruments, and needed to keep up my chops on all of them, practice time was at a premium!


                   Crosstraining is the answer to that situation.


     Crosstraining in percussion means using a rhythmic idea, or specific technique, and applying it to other instruments in the percussion family. This helps a percussionist develop in many ways. For one thing, when you start applying concepts that you are already familiar with to other instruments, you’re approaching that new instrument from a position of strength. You won’t necessarily have to learn a whole new musical language to play some conga drums if you already have a good rhythmic background from drumset. You merely start applying rhythms and grooves already familiar to you, on the new instrument. You’ll get much more in return than you might think!


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