The Art of Looping – Performances by Rob Lewis


A very unique performance using a blend of technology and music!



·     The Instrument  


is the MalletKAT pro8 from Alternate Mode Inc. It’s a MIDI mallet instrument, essentially an electric marimba that sounds like a multitude of instruments. I tend to use sounds that reflect real instruments instead of synths. Think keyboards, percussion, bass, horns, etc. A visually fascinating instrument to watch being played with 4 mallets, 2 in each hand.


·     The Looper  



is the Boss Loopstation RC300. With 3 tracks looping at the same time, I can layer sounds in real time (nothing is prerecorded, everything is done from scratch on the fly). It’s really like arranging in the moment letting the audience experience a song being built right before their eyes (and ears)! Having the musical support of loops allows me to improvise a lot, and I take full advantage with no song being done exactly the same way twice.


·     The Musician  




I’m Rob Lewis, and I moved to the Portland area in 1997. Since then, I have performed with notable local musicians such as Terry Robb, Paul Delay & Janice Scroggins, Johnny Martin and 3 Leg Torso among others. With 3 Leg Torso I got to embark on a west coast tour opening for Pink Martini. I’ve been featured on the KMHD radio show “Homegrown Jazz” a number of times including one show featuring my own quartet that also performed at Portland Jazz club, Jimmy Maks.


Music includes Cuban Salsa & Mambo, Brazilian Bossa Nova & Samba, Jazz, Funky/Bluesy Jazz, some Classical and many original songs influenced by African and Klezmer cultures. The music ranges in mood from ambient/mellow to very lively. Textures include lots of percussion (congas, bongos, frame drum, shakers, etc.), mallet instruments (marimba, vibraphone and steel pan), keyboards (piano, electric pianos, clavinet), bass, guitar and horns (flute, clarinet, French horn, and trumpet).


Currently, I do solo looping performances 4 times weekly at PDX airport and regularly play for art galleries (Gallery 360, 2nd Story Art Gallery, and Slocum House), Farmers Markets, private parties and events. My merchandise includes 3 CD’s, or a Flash drive (with all my music and 14 video performances) available for purchase from me personally or through my website:


I published a book through Mel Bay Publishing that sheds some light on my musical and percussive thinking and ideas. Click here to see! Crosstraining



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